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Why Hire a VIP Bodyguard?

Important people have a wide range of reasons to require executive protection. In addition to the ever-present threat of terrorism, business leaders or celebrities are likely to be heckled or approached by fans who refuse to leave them alone. Security services can control access to the VIP, deescalate potentially distressing situations or remove the VIP rapidly from an area if necessary.

Since many VIPs will be starring in or attending special events such as concerts or other activities, it’s important their bodyguards have the skills necessary to handle these situations. A potential criminal, terrorist, crazed fan, or disgruntled employee can gain close access to their intended victim by mingling in with large crowds. Trained bodyguards can prevent potential threats before they happen, keeping their clients and others around them safe.

Executive protection services also provide a major deterrence benefit. Ranger Guard bodyguards always look the part, dressed in sharp uniforms that tell everyone to back off. Bodyguards, along with other staff such as assistants or a private driver present an image for the client, so it is extremely important that all guards look immaculate and professional. Ranger Guard can tailor the uniforms to match the rest of your team.

What Does a Bodyguard Do?

From shootings to kidnappings or vehicle attacks, today’s professional bodyguard must be prepared to handle any risk. That’s why Ranger Guard puts all VIP bodyguards through an extensive range of training programs. We cover crowd control, bag searches, access control, defensive tactics, firearms, K-9 security and patrols, emergency communications, and advanced first aid procedures. Due to the increased nature of the threat, we pay particular attention to training our bodyguards to deal with active shooter situations and terrorist attacks.

Personal bodyguards will accompany the client wherever they are required. They will also maintain constant communication with supervisory staff at Ranger Guard, enabling them to be tipped off to threats ahead of time, and explore response or exit strategies to various scenarios.

Who Can Be a Bodyguard?

Legally speaking, anyone with the requisite qualifications can be a bodyguard. But you don’t want to trust your personal safety to anyone with a simple certificate. Since providing security as a bodyguard is so different from most standard private security assignments, it’s crucial to work with security companies that understand the specificities of the role. Officers in VIP protection need very specific types of training relevant only to close protection duty, which Ranger Guard provides. Although in the past security guards were mostly men, today more and more women are taking on the challenges of executive protection security.

Of course, training can only do so much. To make sure Ranger Guard private security officers possess the right prior experience, we prioritize recruiting guards with backgrounds in law enforcement or military service. Such people have already demonstrated the skills and character needed to handle dangerous situations in ways that keep others as safe as possible.

From this highly qualified pool, we require all potential bodyguards to pass a variety of aptitude tests. These not only measure their security knowledge but also if they have the proper security guard mindset. After passing these aptitude tests, they are given drug tests and must pass very detailed background checks. Periodic drug tests are an ongoing requirement of employment at Ranger Guard. Such strict requirements for these positions give clients peace of mind, knowing their security is in the hands of perhaps the most well-qualified private security experts in the industry today.

Are Bodyguards Armed?

Whether or not a bodyguard carries a firearm comes down to the needs of the client and the level of risk. What will the guard be doing exactly, if they are traveling to different countries, who they will be with, and how high profile the client all requires different levels of security. Prioritize hiring from businesses with an impeccable reputation for excellence. The first thing this agency will do with you is sit down and develop a personal protection plan to cover all eventualities. This may involve different security personnel and different protocols depending on the situation.

To ensure your new security company has the experience to deliver, never shy away from asking for references from previous clients. By being able to speak with others who have used this service previously, you’ll be able to get a clear picture of the level of security provided, along with the client’s comfort level and other important areas. But along with talking to previous clients, also don’t hesitate to ask questions during your initial consultation. Whether it’s about fees, training, experience, or other aspects of personal security, getting answers to these questions from the beginning will make the selection process much easier. Ranger Guard is happy to provide testimonials from among the many satisfied customers we have served.

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