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There are several things a store can do to lessen theft attempts. It is important to maintain a well-lit store, and advertise the store’s policy against theft. When displaying items, ensure that they are stored in locked cabinets and kept away from the entry points of a store. Keeping track of inventory on a daily basis and ensuring that all information is up to date will allow a retailer to know if and how many of an item are missing. Implementing a strategy should a theft occur and ensuring that employees are aware of the procedures is also important when it comes to retail security. Most importantly, having a well-trained security officer on staff will know what to look for and how to react should a shoplifter attempt to steal.

Security Resources, leaders in retail security, currently serve over 475 retail stores simultaneously, with over 500 guards deployed daily in a flawless operation. In addition, Security Resource’s partnership approach made certain that our retail clients’ corporate-wide program extends across their entire security guard force. Security Resource’s effective, LIVE, 24/7 management ensures its ability to customize solutions and roll out our clients’ internal business-to-customer communication model to hundreds of guards within 24 hours. Security Resource’s provides proven security solutions to protect retailers from theft, fraud, vandalism, abuse, or misconduct. Preventing these from occurring allows a business to thrive.

Theft can occur in a variety of ways, including price label switching or refund fraud. These types of theft can happen on site, without merchandise ever leaving the store. The experts at Security Resources have a thorough knowledge and understanding of what to look for when it comes to theft and are fully equipped to handle these types of theft attempts. Security Resource’s offers the skilled security personnel you need to protect your business.

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