K9 Units

Highly-Trained Dogs

Here at Ranger Guard, we make sure our human security guards are always highly-trained and ready to handle any situation. Thus, we are doing the same thing with our K9 officers. Partnering with the Houston K9 Academy, which has a reputation as one of the nation’s best K9 training facilities, we can assure clients that when they have a K9 officer on duty at their site, the dog will be trained to handle a variety of real-world challenges in any type of environment. In addition, the officer working with them as their partner will also possess the skills needed to use the K9 officer in the most effective manner.

A Strong Deterrent

While criminals and others who may be considering illegal acts can of course be deterred by the sight of a traditional security officer, they almost always give their potential actions a second-thought once they realize a K9 officer is on patrol. By choosing to have a human and K9 security officer on patrol at your facility, you can have an especially strong deterrent that will demonstrate to everyone the commitment you have to guaranteeing the safety of others.

Crowd Control and Special Events

In situations such as large sporting events, concerts, or other occasions where large numbers of people will be in attendance, having a K9 officer working with traditional security officers can help in many ways. For example, at an event where attendees will need to be searched to ensure no drugs, explosives, or weapons are allowed to enter an area, K9 officers that have been especially trained for such sweeps can be utilized very effectively. Along with this, the K9 officers can be crucial in situations where crowd control may be an issue, since they can keep people at bay while their handler and other officers at the scene perform other essential tasks.

Certified K9 Teams

When a K9 team is assigned to a situation, Ranger Guard can ensure clients these teams are fully-certified prior to beginning any assignment. Since dogs from the Houston K9 Academy are all hand-picked and imported from Europe prior to being trained at the Houston facility, clients can choose from many different types of dogs that will best fit their security needs. Having provided K9 security to military units, law enforcement agencies across the United States, and to private security firms for many years, the dogs used by Ranger Guard will be some of the best-trained and most reliable K9 officers in the world today.

Deescalating Situations

In many situations faced by private security officers, deescalating is of the utmost importance. While all Ranger Guard officers are trained in many different types of techniques to use in these instances, having a K9 officer at the scene as well can often be a determining factor in making sure an incident ends peacefully. For example, while the dog’s handler is using various verbal tactics to calm down an individual, the presence of the K9 officer can also get an individual thinking it would be best for them to stop while they are ahead and either surrender or walk away from the scene. However, should an incident escalate to the point where violence may be unavoidable, the K9 officer can jump into action, subdue an individual, and protect others at the scene.

Added Advantage to Foot Patrols

Since dogs have an incredible sense of smell and excellent instincts for knowing when something just isn’t right, pairing a K9 officer with a Ranger Guard security officer can add a whole new dimension to foot patrols of your facility. In most situations where vandals or others are waiting in the dark to commit illegal acts, a K9 officer can likely detect their presence and alert its handler. In doing so, potential problems can be averted while sending a message to criminals and others that bad behavior will not be tolerated.

The Best of the Best

At Ranger Guard, the vast majority of our security officers come from the ranks of law enforcement and the United States military. Because of this, they often possess a variety of skills as well as many years of related security experience. In fact, many of our officers have previous experience working with K9 units in both law enforcement and military operations, giving them extra insight into how these K9 units can be used most effectively in various situations. From manning a guard post at a manufacturing facility to patrolling the grounds of a large apartment complex, K9 units can demonstrate a commitment to residents, employees, and others that the best of the best in security will always be on duty for their protection.

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