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According to the FBI, property crimes occur every 3.7 seconds here in the United States. That includes burglary, larceny-theft, and motor vehicle theft any kind of home whether it’s an apartment, a condo, trailer, or some other form of housing.
It’s led many residential management companies to equip their apartments with security guards. These services are more than just a drop in the bucket of expenses. They come with multiple benefits, some of which you may not even realize.

3 Benefits of Apartments with Security Guards

Residential security goes beyond manning the front gate. Hiring security guards for your residential properties can do a lot to help improve the environment and make your tenants feel safer and happier.
Below are 3 of the most common advantages.

1. Security Guards Deter Crimes from Even Happening

Hiring security guards to watch over your apartment complex is an effective way to deter crime before it even happens. In fact, a university study that delves into the minds and motives of burglars reveals how a whopping 60% of criminals reconsider their targets when taking note of security cameras or other means of surveillance.
That same survey reports that 40% of those criminals admit these security measures are enough to make them abandon the target and search for one that is less guarded.
Criminals want an easy target. Low risk, high reward is an ideal scenario. This is why security guards are able to stop crime simply by being present.
However, it’s important to note that quality matters when hiring security guards. Hiring someone who looks like a mall cop waiting for their shift to end isn’t going to leave a strong impression.
Appearances and skill matter. You want to bring in qualified professionals in uniform who have the proper training to protect your residents against criminal activity. If they have patrol cars similar to police officers, even better.

2. A Security Guard is Trained to Act Should a Threat Arise

However, while appearances are important, they aren’t everything. Proper training is key to an effective security service. You don’t want to hire someone who will panic at the first sign of trouble.
High-quality security offers are able to act in cases when your residents experience a problem. This includes stepping into emergency situations and respond quickly to diffuse the situation.
These situations may range from public disputes and peeping toms to domestic violence or attempted break-ins. While a security officer may not have the same authority as a police officer, he or she should be able to manage a situation while calling local law enforcement when needed.
They also should have the ability to analyze the best surveillance approach for your apartment complex. Every property is unique, with different risk factors and levels of security needs.

3. Security Services Change a Property’s Value and Perception

Adding security to your apartment buildings or condominiums isn’t just an expense. It’s also a way to elevate your residential property’s value and profit. The ripples of changes that occur at the presence of residential security guards are bountiful.
Experience Higher Renewal Rates and Profits

Security guards not only change the perception of criminals; it also changes the way residents value your property. A safe apartment or condominium is worth paying higher rent.
You can increase your monthly rental rates. If your property aligns with the quality of your security, you’ll also notice lease renewals become more frequent.
Tenants want to feel safe in their home. Once they find a place that provides a comfortable level of security, they will be less likely to want to leave.
Elevate Your Tenant Quality

Troublesome tenants don’t like to attract attention. If you bring security services into your residential area, they will be less likely to want to stick around. You’ll find the ruffians less likely to linger and renew their leases.
Plus, when you increase your amenities and your price for rent, you also increase the quality of your tenants. The people who show interest in your property will be prioritizing a safe area with attractive amenities rather than low rent.
In the end, everyone wins.

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