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Ranger Guard highly qualified personnel provide a wide range of airport security services, including pre-board screening and services for all vulnerable areas of airports. We are a trusted partner to governments, airport authorities, airlines and private freight carriers.


Airport security services: pre-board screening

Our pre-board screening process begins with identity verification, which is done by checking the passenger’s boarding pass and identification documents such as a passport or driver’s license. Once the identity is verified, passengers’ carry-on baggage is screened for prohibited items using x-ray machines and other high-tech scanning equipment.

In addition to carry-on baggage, passengers are also required to go through metal detectors or body scanners to detect any metallic objects that may pose a threat to the flight’s safety. If a passenger triggers an alarm during the metal detector screening, they may be subject to a pat-down search.

Our pre-board screening process is designed to be as efficient as possible while still maintaining the highest level of security. We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to air travel, and our goal is to get passengers through the screening process quickly and safely.


The Significance of Pre-Board Screening

Pre-board screening is an essential component of airport security services. It ensures the safety of passengers, crew members, and the aircraft by preventing prohibited items from being brought onto the aircraft.

Our pre-board screening services also help to deter potential threats from attempting to board a flight. The presence of security personnel and screening equipment serves as a visible reminder that airport security is taken seriously, and any attempts to compromise the safety of the flight will not be tolerated.

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